Creative Writing

Siofra’s Creative Writing Workshops are inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, whose ‘Monomyth’ or ‘Hero’s Journey’ is a universal blueprint for all myths and stories across the world. Under their apparent diversity, the great myths of humanity present us with the same map of yearnings and fears that every human being experiences on the way to self-discovery.

The Hero’s Journey is not an invention, but an observation. It is a recognition of a beautiful design, a set of principles that governs the conduct of life and the world of storytelling the way physics and chemistry govern the physical world.
-Christopher Vogler

In these workshops, you will find your Hero, bring them over the Threshold into a New World full of Challenges and Trials, aided by your Guides and Mentors, hindered by your Enemies and, ultimately your Dragon. . . behind which you will find your Treasure which you must bring back on the Return Journey with skill and balance, forging the Extraordinary with the Ordinary World. This Archetypal Journey can be used for your own self discovery, or for a greater creative project like a novel or a screenplay.

Writing the Hero’s Journey creatively is incredibly beneficial for your own life skills. It enhances your your understanding of life itself. The Hero’s Journey is a fundamental workshop for anyone who wishes to undertake a transformative self-discovery journey.

The Hero’s Journey Writing Workshops run in eight or twelve-week series.

The Hero's Writing Journey - eight-week writing courses

Writing the Hero's Journey - an twelve-week creative writing course Writing the Hero's Journey

An intensive creative writing course

Course dates:
Wednesday 20th September- 6th December
Cost: €275
Payable in two installments. A booking deposit of €100 is required.

**Early bird rate of €250 if booked before September 10th

Facilitated by Siofra O'Donovan

​"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, you create what you will." George Bernard Shaw

An amazing journey into the creative writing experience. The ultimate writing course for unleashing your creative talent and crafting your writing!

“I have come to truly value this powerful way of accessing material from within and beyond myself -via guided meditations. Síofra holds a beautiful class where it is safe to explore and to share, and where for me, there is the perfect balance of both fun and depth.” Louise S. The Hero's Journey writing workshops

“I found this course to be extraordinary. I thought it would be useful to help me find structure to the stories I write. It was much more, it was quite a personal journey; challenging, rewarding, inspirational. Siofra creates an atmosphere of such creativity, a safe space to write, a place where we could push past boundaries and self doubt. After one session, I felt inspired to write at home, so I sat and wrote a short story called A Dance with Time. Subsequently, that story was longlisted for the Colm Tóibín Short Story Award." Zandra C, The Hero's Journey Writing Workshops

Course description:

This is an intensive writing course which is aimed at those who are beginning, or continuing their writing practice.The course focuses on the archetypal hero’s journey, which we will write experientially in workshops, using the 12 steps of The Hero's Journey, a blueprint for all stories, myths and movies!

As a new development in the Hero's Journey Writing Course, we will also learn how to edit and improve the writing we do, using particular exercises, drawing from Natalie Goldberg’s 'Writing Down the Bones', Pat Schneider’s 'The Writer as an Artist' and Julia Cameron's 'The Artists' Way'.

The work done on the course is experimental and there is no pressure to produce a perfect book/ screenplay, but support will be offered in the form of advice. Querying agents and publishers will be covered should the writer wish to take this route with the work they have created on the course.

Faciliated by Siofra O'Donovan, published author, journalist and creative writing facilitator for over 12 years. She works with the writers in schools scheme/Poetry Ireland, the writers in prisons scheme/Arts Council of Ireland and is a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland.

For more information or to book please phone the centre on 01 2761745