Mindful Parenting

4 week mindfulness course for parents and half day workshops

“Being a parent is one of the greatest mindfulness practices of all” – Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn

Practicing mindfulness helps us to foster an appreciation of the joyful moments of raising children and to cultivate self-compassion for the difficult times. It invites us to look deeper, to sense our own resources and to trust our own wisdom. In this spirit the focus is on cultivating awareness as a way of strengthening our relationships with our children and supporting ourselves, as opposed to problem-solving for specific situations or issues.

This ( course/workshop ) is suitable for those with no prior experience of mindfulness meditation. In it we explore how we can bring mindful awareness to this most challenging and rewarding of roles. We will practice mindfulness meditation, both formal and ‘informal’ or everyday, and through experiential learning we will reflect together on our experiences of parenting.

Mindful Parenting This course is either run as a 4 week course (once a week class of 1,5 hours) or half day workshop. Please contact us for more information.