Mindfulness courses and classes

The MBSR Programme allows participants develop a regular mindfulness practice and to become more familiar with the workings of the mind and the emotions, noticing the times when we can get caught up in old patterns and habits. We learn to identify the causes of stress and to make wiser choices in order to live in a more positive and peaceful way.

The Day of Mindful Living is an introduction to Mindfulness practices and an exploration on how we can weave mindfulness into our daily life in practical and simple ways.

One-to-One Mindfulness offers the advantage of the focused attention and teaching of an experienced mindfulness teacher. It provides the flexibility to explore more deeply areas of interest or difficulty that you may have, with the support of the teacher, and with flexibility around the time and frequency of the sessions.

The weekly drop-in meditation session is an opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation with others and offers support to those who want to integrate a regular meditation practice into their daily life.

Additionally we run Mindful Parenting, Mindful Communication and Mindfulness for Teenagers courses throughout the year, the approach is practical, making it easy for Mindfulness to become an integral part of everyday life.