Parenting Course – Solihull Approach

NEW TO IRELAND: UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD – A group for parents of children aged 0 – 6 years.

The Understanding Your Child Group is already well established within the UK National Health Service and is a trusted way of understanding more about your child. We are delighted to be introducing this fantastic group to Ireland. Unlike many parenting courses, UYC does not operate by offering a range of behaviour management strategies that parents take home to try out. Instead it encourages parents to reflect on their own emotions and experiences, and their current relationship with their child, and uses the ideas of attachment, emotional containment and respectful reciprocal relationships between parents and children to help parents develop sensitive and gentle (yet effective!) parenting practices that promote children’s social, emotional and behavioural development.

UYC is suitable for all parents and empowers them to build on their existing skills and develop a way of thinking to solve difficulties both now and in the future. It has been the subject of a number of UK research studies which have found that after taking part parents often say they feel calmer, more confident and have a better relationship with their child and that their child’s behaviour improves.