Positive living gentle yoga


TIME: 11.15am – 12.30am

*Aimed at people with any injury, chronic pain or mobility challenges. Free consultation call available for all students interested to assess suitability

* ideal for anyone dealing with aches and pains, or managing issues with mobility or balance
* perfect for anyone who like to enjoy a gentle yoga practice to help your body and mind feel good
* this class is also a suitable option for beginners who would like a gentle introduction to yoga

* enjoy moving, breathing and relaxing in a warm, welcoming, safe environment
* help ease away aches and pains through movement
* improve strength, blanace and confidence in your body
* relax, unwind and enjoy more positive energy
* help to reduce stress and anxiety
* have fun learning something new with other people

I meet many people who want to enjoy the benefits of yoga but fear that they won’t manage a regular class
Sometimes it’s a concern that it might be too strong or too fast
Other times the biggest challenge is sitting on the ground, or indeed getting up and down from the ground
If this sounds familiar then Gentle Yoga is an ideal solution for you

In this class we don’t leave anything out, we just approach it in a gentle which makes it safe, comfortable and accesssible for all. During the class you will enjoy practicing key elements of yoga including breathing, physical exercise and relaxation.

Here’s some things unique to this class:

* lots of gentle movement to free up all the joints
* getting up and down off the floor is kept to a minimum
* for seated exercises we sit comfortably on chairs instead of the floor
* for standing exercises you have the option of using the wall or chair for support
* we take our time and allow everyone to move at their own pace

If you’re worried that it ‘won’t be enough’ it may surprise you that working in a gentle way can still work your body hard! Indeed slow controlled movement can even get you working more effectively and has a great impact on your body.

During class you will also often have the option to increase or reduce the intensity using variations.You will be encouraged to listen to your body and learn to do what works best for you.

If in doubt, I invite you to come for a drop-In class first to give it a go
In the meanwhile, you are wlecome to contact me if you have any queries.

To book your place – contact the Novara centre at 01 2761745.

Positive living gentle yoga Mondays 11:15 - 12:30

Summer 2018 dates:

July: 9, 16, 23, 30

August: 13, 20, 27

No class on the bank holiday, August 6th

€15 Drop In. Contact Rachel for Summer Package Deals & Offers
(Details TBC) by phoning the centre at 01 2761745