Yoga with Jean

Through several gentle practices the body and mind are brought together. Energy held in tension is encouraged to move.

Expansion is achieved through mellow breath practices.

Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced.

Synovial fluid is brought through the joints.

Ease and relaxation bring more peace—a more efficient mode for the body in which to restore itself.

Balance, centre, improve alignment~Yoga helps us to naturally Be.

Yoga with Jean

Yoga with Jean The Course is Classical Hatha Yoga , which focuses on being present with what is and in the now.
Supports make this exploration effective with chairs, rugs and bolsters being used .
Allowing the body to rest into postures for gradual release of holds which life have put in place is what Asana is about.
Mindfulness of the Breath adds a meditative aspect to the practice further enhancing the process.

Summer schedule dates: Class continues until July 17th
Times: Tuesdays from 4.15 p.m - 5.40 pm

Facilitator: Jean McDonald

Price: €90