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Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Where does the time go? While it is lovely to still have sunny days and Summer feeling, Autumnal influences have started to appear, the light is disappearing earlier and the temperatures in evening and morning have dropped. Here at the Novara Centre we are preparing for what is one of our busiest times of the year. The beginning of the Autumn term sees many people think about returning to their weekly classes or starting a new one. It is often the time when people take stock and check in about what support they need on a physical/emotional/mental level.

From inception the Novara vision has been to offer a wide –variety of services that support health and well-being. We are truly delighted that this range of services continue to grow . Our Novara Practitioners and Teachers, are all highly- qualified and experienced and we remain confident that their clients are looked after in a professional, ethical way while the atmosphere at Novara is warm and friendly. In this Newsletter we hope to highlight the key features of what is available for you from the three strands at Novara; Therapies & Coaching, Classes and Integrative Health.

Therapy / Coaching

There is a dedicated team of Psychotherapists and Couple Counsellors at Novara and appointments are available Monday to Friday from early morning until late evening and also on Saturdays. 7 therapists work with adults and 3 more specialise in working with Children and adolescents.
New to Novara this term is Coaching; Mandy Spencer Hunt is now offering Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching.


There are an increased number and variety of classes on offer at Novara – mornings, afternoons and evenings as well as on Saturdays. Please see our Timetable for details.

• Knowledge and appreciation of the benefits of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) continue to grow in the public awareness.
• Yoga classes every day of the week from Monday to Saturday; with our teachers Lara Dunlea, Jean Mc Donald, Rachel Lee, Mark Kinghan, Lainey Ennis and Áine Fortune.
• Pilates classes catering for different levels as well as Pre-natal Pilates and Mum & Baby Pilates. Our Pilates teachers; Denise Newsome and Lindsay Johnston are both Physio-therapists.
• Two of our teachers are now offering Chi-gung/Qi-Gong; Mark Kinghan offers his class on Thursday evenings and Lainey blends her class with Yoga on Friday mornings.
• Every Sunday morning Martina Dolan is offering Drop-in meditation for those of you who would like some support for your regular practice.

For the first time ever in Novara and Bray Mari Greghan is offering a “Weight off Your Mind” programme for 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings starting the first Tuesday in September. This programme uses all the latest techniques in hypnosis and NLP to help people break the pattern of emotional eating, using food to fill a void when bored, stressed or unhappy. Understanding how the conscious and the subconscious mind works can help people become aware of their thinking and behaviour around their eating patterns, facilitating them to break that cycle of yo-yo dieting for good. –

Integrated Health

Again our range has expanded so that you can find the support that best suits you.

• We now have two Massage Therapists – Grace Purtill and Yasmina Lenahan offering a range of treatments including Massage, Reflexology as well as Natural Face Lift Massage and Organic Radiance Facial.
• Mark Kinghan brings all of his 23 years experience in Acupuncture
• Our Holistic Chiropractor Elaine Tritschler is not only skilled at giving you treatments tailor-made to suit each individuals’ needs, she also is keen to give you a programme to keep you healthy after your treatments. Bryan Barrett travels from Wexford every week to offer Amatsu and Reiki. Jean Mc Donald brings her sensitive skills to her Cranio-Sacral treatments.
• Liz Keegan, uses finely honed detective skills to find the Homeopathic remedy ideally suited to the client/ situation and has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and herbs to add to her Homeopathy.

Parent / Child / Adolescent

The Novara Centre has a strong Parent/Carer -Baby/Child strand at the Novara Centre; Pregnant women can come for Pre-natal Yoga with Lara Dunlea or Pre-natal Pilates with Lindsay Johnston or can come to Grace for Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology or Elaine who specialises in gentle Chiropractic Support for pregnancy and for after care . Liz offers Homeopathy for fertility, pregnancy support and for mum’s and Dads. Mark Kinghan also offers Acupuncture for male and female fertility.
Then when the babies arrive they and mum can visit Jean (Cranio-sacral Therapy) or Elaine (Holistic chiropractor) or go to Mum and baby yoga classes (Lara) Mum and Baby Pilates (Lindsay) or enjoy Baby Massage Classes with Yasmina.

Once people make a connection with Novara before or during pregnancy, it is often their place of choice to return to with their babies and children for years to come and that is something that has always been part of the vision for Novara and something we are very happy to see happening more and more. The services on offer in this area continue to grow wider and stronger.
On a psychotherapeutic level we offer counselling for pre and post natal depression. Our therapeutic support for children is varied too; Play therapy (Eithne McLeavey) and Child / Adolescent/ Family psychology (Katherine O Hanlon). This year our Child/Adolescent Therapy team are joined by Sheelagh Mc Namara who will offer Integrative Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for 9 to 22 year olds.

Katherine and her colleague Eimear are also offering the Solihull Parenting Workshops this term.

Please go to our website for more information or if you would prefer to find out more please phone 01-2761745 or email
We are always happy to answer your queries with no obligation to make an appointment or a booking for a class. Follow us on .

Wishing you all health and well being.

The Novara Centre.