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Couples Counselling – How can it help?

Couples counselling is beneficial for all kinds of relationships, not just those that are experiencing chronic difficulties. It can help to resolve a specific problem or to prevent it from escalating. Or it can provide a “check-up” for a happy couple that is going through a stressful period. It is effective in relationships that are long-established and those that are still in the early days. Common areas of concern addressed are miscommunication, breakdowns in trust, conflict, financial issues, parenting and family troubles, sex and infidelity, addictions and ill-health.

The main purpose of couples counselling is to help make sense of what is going on between people who feel that they have reached a stalemate in a relationship, who believe that they can no longer see a path to the resolution of the problems that have come between them.

Most people come away from couples therapy having gained insight into how their relationship works, how best to express what they feel without risking an escalation in conflict, and how to problem solve more effectively with their partners. They acquire skills that help them to live fuller and better lives together.

It is important to find a counsellor who will suit both of you. Before committing time or money it is advisable to schedule a call with a therapist so that you can outline your concerns and learn how they might be addressed.