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GentleBirth workshops

GentleBirth workshops

The introduction of GentleBirth workshops over the coming months is an exciting addition to the services currently offered to parents and prospective parents at the Novara Centre.

GentleBirth is a highly acclaimed programme founded by Irish midwife, doula, and author Tracy Donegan in 2006 to support mum-to-be and their birth partners preparing for a positive pregnancy, birth experience, and entry into the demands of parenting in the early years. Aware of the structural changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s brain, Tracy decided to harness this potential by developing “an uplifting, empowering brain-training for parents, from that positive pregnancy test through to the first year of parenting, to reduce stress and increase confidence and emotional reslilience”.

The programme has proved so popular and effective in equipping participants with the mental and physical tools required for a positive entry into parenthood, that it has spread internationally, with highly qualified instructors delivering the training in countries throughout the world. Although GentleBirth cannot predict the details surrounding a particular birth, it does equip parents with the knowledge and brain-training that will enable them to make informed choices regarding their birth preferences and their care, as well as providing a toolkit of physical, emotional and communication techniques that can be used to optimise the chances of an easeful positive experience.

At the Novara Centre, the GentleBirth workshops will be delivered by Lara Dunlea, a highly experienced yoga teacher and childbirth educator who has worked with hundreds of pregnant women in preparing for a positive birth and parenting experience. Lara draws on her background in psychology and education in her delivery of the course content, and is excited about the potential that the workshops offer to prospective parents.

There are three workshops scheduled for 2016, each of which runs over two days: 16th/17th July, 1st/2nd October, and 3rd/4th December. Enquiries can be made directly to Lara at 087 8244728 or