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Setting intentions and the New Year

Setting intentions and the New Year

The dust has hardly settled on the Christmas festivities when we are back making lists again! With the New Year comes thoughts of giving ourselves goals to achieve. We can put ourselves under immense pressure to ‘do this’, and not ‘do that’ – to be more ‘of this’ and less ‘of that’. We can feel uplifted and gung ho as we set goals, but within a couple of days or weeks feel disappointed in ourselves as our goals seem impossible. So how might we do it differently?

Rather than focusing on the ‘dos and don’ts’, and what we will allow and what will we deny ourselves, how about asking ourselves what we need? What will make a positive difference to our lives and help us to cope with any challenges that arise? Rather than goals could we think more about intentions? How could we live intentionally, in a way that affects the quality of our daily lives.

The shortest day of the year has passed; the days are getting brighter now, so this can be a helpful time to reflect and to go inwards. A time to identify what we might like to invite in, and to ask how we can take good care of ourselves.

A good place to start could even be to notice how we choose to speak to ourselves. What’s the tone of that voice? And are we using words that empower rather than order, inspire rather than judge? Instead of looking at what to ‘give up’ or deny ourselves how about considering what opportunities the New Year can bring us?

Research shows that focusing on abundance and gratitude can be an effective way to change an experience of lack in any part of our lives. When we live from a place of expansion it becomes easier to find ways to balance our obligations and commitments with things that give us pleasure.

And it doesn’t have to involve a major change as minor tweaks can make all the difference. Sometimes reaching out, asking for support and being open to receiving help can have a profound impact on our circumstances.

So how about making 2019 a year to prioritise our needs and to make conscious decisions for ourselves and our loved ones?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

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