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What is mediation – and how can it help me?

What is mediation and how can it help me?


If you are going through a separation, mediation can help you to resolve your difficulties quickly and cost effectively. In fact, mediation is a powerful tool that can be used to resolve any type of dispute. It is already commonly used in the commercial sector to resolve contractual disputes and is now, thankfully, becoming more commonly used in personal disputes. Be it a family dispute over a relative’s will, a workplace disagreement or a conflict with your neighbour, mediation can help.


Mediation offers people an opportunity to discuss and resolve their issues in a confidential and safe environment. It is an alternative to going to court. It saves time, money and preserves important relationships. A trained and highly skilled mediator will guide the parties through the process of highlighting the main issues in dispute and reaching an agreement that is suitable to their particular needs. Mediators are not judges and do not make decisions for the parties. Instead they will help the parties to reach their own agreement, enabling them to retain control over the outcome of the dispute. It is an incredibly empowering process and can help transform otherwise fractious relationships.


For all of these reasons, it is particularly appropriate in family law cases. Having worked as a family lawyer for years, I have seen first-hand how ill-equipped our legal system is to deal with the complexities of a relationship breakdown. Family litigation can cause considerable emotional turmoil for all involved and it is almost impossible to shield children from the fallout. Mediators are trained to assist couples to try to make a difficult situation as easy as possible on the family unit. The process seeks to encourage collaboration and reduce confrontation. This is a stark contrast to a solicitor-led separation, which often results in the polarization of positions and the entrenchment of views, leading to an increase in bitterness and antagonism between the parties.


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