Care for the Self | Meditation | Solar Sound Healing

With Alison Traynor

The “Care for the Self” program is a wonderful place to begin, or to enhance, your existing self-care routine.

This course offers specific healing techniques for all aspects of the individual covering care of the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

There are meditations and practical tools to take home to help you to nourish yourself, replenish your energy and to engage in your self-healing.

You will learn to:

Care for and connect to your body
Release tension anxiety and fatigue
Harmonise and ground your energy
Engage in Stillness Meditation
Integrate the 3 key aspects of your Self: Mind, Heart and Body
Improve concentration and focus
Build internal strength and energy
Create a field of Mindfulness
Apply Mind/Body wisdom to enhance your body’s healing ability
Enter the Reality of Here & Now: Training in Trust
Open to the Power of Life
Explore the healing power of the Deeper Self: Moving from Mindfulness to Heartfulness

This course will take place over 3 consecutive Sundays – dates to be confirmed.

For further information please call 01-2761745 or email