Online Mindfulness Practice Group

Online Mindfulness Practice Group

Whether this is your first time to practise mindfulness or you have been practising for a while you are very welcome to join our NEW Online Mindfulness Group.

What to expect –
Each week we will begin our session with a short guided meditation to help us let go of the day that has been and be more fully present. There will then be some time for people to briefly check in and say how they are doing that evening. However, this is an invitation and there will be no pressure to speak. Kathryn will then guide everyone in a longer practice which will include some basic mindful stretching, followed by sitting meditation. We will close each session with any feedback/questions that may arise.

Each week Kathryn will provide you with a link which you will need to join the class. She would love to see you every week, but if this is difficult for you to commit to you can book single sessions.

Upcoming dates to be confirmed.

For further information please contact 01-2761745 or