Data Privacy and Protection

Privacy policy – Last Update October 2019

The Novara Centre obtains, retains and processes personal data for two main purposes, namely:

  • arranging rental space for therapists and practitioners who enquire about or lease space at the Centre; and
  • where members of the public contact the Centre directly re appointments, we forward their queries to their chosen practitioner or when a practitioner is not selected by a client the query will be forwarded to the most suitable practitioner for the service requested.

The Novara Centre separately seeks consent to retain and process your contact details to provide information on the services offered by therapists and practitioners working at the Centre.
The Novara Centre does not share personal data with any person or organisation other than with the specific therapist / practitioner.

This Statement is your guide to the principles of privacy and confidentiality which govern our collection, use, storage, disclosure and destruction of your personal data in this Centre.

The Data Compliance Officer in the Novara Centre is Oonagh O’Connor.

Obtaining personal information

It is important that we obtain, use and store information about you to process your query and follow through on your arrangements with the Centre. This personal data includes details such as:

For therapists / practitioners:

  • your name, curriculum vitae, certifications, insurances, telephone numbers and email addresse

For Clients seeking a therapist / practitioner:

  • your name, age (where appropriate), telephone numbers, email address and description of service required

Personal information is stored on computer encrypted files and not in manual files. Practitioner / therapist certificates and insurances are held in manual files. Your details are retained only for the purpose of arranging rental space or connecting you to a practitioner / therapist. It is the responsibility of your therapist / practitioner to manage your personal data in accordance with their data protection policy. Once arrangements are in place, the Novara Centre retains information for administration purposes. Information obtained from members of the public is deleted from our records on an annual basis. Information obtained from lease holders is deleted one year after the full termination of their lease agreement.

Personal data is kept for specified, explicit and lawful purposes

Personal data is obtained, kept and used primarily for the purpose of arranging rental space and passing initial enquiries onto practitioners / therapists. Staff within the practice will have access to the data on a ‘need-to-know’ basis for administrative purposes.

The Novara Centre provides information about the services offered by practitioners working at the Centre by way of broadcast newsletter. Each person on the newsletter mailing list has given their consent to use personal data for this purpose. You do have a right to withdraw your consent to have your data used for this purpose at any time. To do so, please advise that you wish to be removed from our newsletter recipients’ database ( / 01 267 1863).

The Novara Centre complies with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003,
Any disclosure of personal data, without your consent, can only be done for specified, legitimate reasons (8 (a-h), Data Protection Act, 1988; Section 10).

Access to your personal data is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. This prohibits the release of your information to a spouse, partner or family member without your explicit consent. A guardian or carer may have the right to access information in the case of vulnerable adults or those with diminished mental capacity. A parent or guardian will have access to your personal information if you are less than 16 years of age.

Personal data is kept safely

Obtained personal data is accessed on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and thereafter, is stored securely:

  • There is no access for unauthorised persons to manual records, fax machines, computers or computer monitors within the Centre.
  • Our administration team are trained in the secure use of, email and the internet.
  • Our administration team are compliant with the practice’s security measures.
  • Data is not stored on premises.
  • Our software, is legally owned, updated regularly, and password protected.
  • All computer based records are encrypted.
  • We do not provide data to 3rd parties outside of the EU.

Oonagh O’Connor is responsible for dealing with any incident where personal data has been put at risk of unauthorised disclosure, loss, destruction or alteration. Management of any breach incident will comply with the advice of the Data Protection Commissioner (Personal Data Security Breach Code of Practice).

Personal data is adequate, relevant and not excessive

Every effort is made to ensure that the information we collect and retain for you is in keeping with our aim to provide you with an efficient service. We will explain the purpose of any information sought if you are not sure why. Personal data is retained for no longer than necessary. However, all records will be deleted at any time if you request it in accordance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003.

Your rights

Right to withdraw consent

It is your right to have your name removed from any areas mentioned above if you do not consider this information to be in your best interest. You can withdraw your consent to us holding personal information at any time.
If you wish to be removed from our newsletter mailing list, please advise; 01 276 1863

Accessing, deleting and rectifying your personal information

You have the right to:

  • Access your personal information
  • Require us to delete it; or
  • Rectify any personal information we hold that is incorrect

You can at any point request your record to be deleted. This means that you will not be contacted by our team in any method or for any purpose. You are legally entitled to a photocopy of your personal data upon written request. (NOTE: The maximum fee for an access request is €6.35).

If you want to exercise these rights, please let us know in writing and send to the following address, and your request will be dealt within 21 days.

Oonagh O’Connor
Compliance Officer
The Novara Centre,
11 Fitzwilliam Terrace,
Strand road
Bray, Co. Wicklow
A98 R8X9

Alternatively, please email:

If you do not wish to have your personal data collected, used or disclosed as described in this Statement please discuss this matter with us by calling on 01 2761745.

Lodging a complaint

Every effort is made to ensure disclosed personal data is accurate and secure, however if you have a complaint or concern with any aspect of how we process your personal information we would hope that you would notify us in the first place. You retain the right to make a complaint at all times to the Data Protection Commissioner

If you have any questions in relation to this Statement or any issue that arises from it, please speak with us on 01 2761745.