Swedish / Holistic Massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing full body massage treatment which enhances well being by using specific massage strokes to assess and release muscle tension.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and the benefits of Swedish massage include:
• It improves muscle suppleness, tone and mobility
• Improved circulation increases energy by the enhancement of the delivery of nutrients, oxygen and water to the cells, tissue and organs of the body. It also assists in the elimination of waste and toxins and helps reduce inflammation, soreness and restrictions
• It affects a relaxation in the nervous system reducing unhealthy stress thereby promoting the health of other organs and systems in the body.

Preparation for this massage entails the client removing outer clothing (privacy assured) and being discreetly draped throughout the treatment. Relaxing music is available and top quality cold pressed oil is used. Treatment will take 50 minutes.

Note: when treatment times are given the appointment time will be longer to allow time for consultation and discussion.