Reflexology is a simple, natural and non-invasive touch therapy that has many benefits. It is a treatment that involves the application of gentle pressure to reflex points located on the surfaces of the feet and hands. According to reflexology, these points relate to the organs, glands, systems and bodily parts, which, remarkably are represented in the same arrangement as the physical body. The feet and hands can thus be seen as a mirror, or a mini map of the body, and the reflex points accurately and clearly reflect the physical, mental and emotional health of each individual.

As these reflex points are massaged, the body’s natural recuperative abilities are stimulated, so that any ailments, whether minor or major, can be alleviated. Vital energy is encouraged to flow freely, energy blockages may be dissipated, physical toxins are flushed away, together with any emotional blockages, and optimum health can be restored.

The client remains clothed and covered, reclining comfortably while the therapist works on the client’s feet using appropriate pace and pressure. A treatment usually takes 50 minutes.

Note: when treatment times are given the appointment time will be longer to allow time for consultation and discussion.

Reflexology for pregnant women is provided by Grace Purtill