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Caron Brady

With stiff hips, aching shoulders and a cluttered mind I happened upon a gentle yoga class that was a little oasis of peace and tranquility. I clearly remember arriving to class in flurry of tension usually with seconds to spare and emerging an hour later mellow, stretched and ready for a good nights sleep.

As well as building flexibility and strength, Yoga calmed my mind and spirit and this in many ways became the real jewel in the crown.

One class a week quickly became two, three, four and as my body became stronger and my desire to immerse myself in all aspects of yoga grew and grew.

I hadn’t just found yoga but a practice that nurtured me on every level.

In September 2013 spurred on by my increasing love of Yoga I began a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training course in The Yoga Room under the tutelage of Ciara Cronin, Tony Purcell and Marianne Jacuzzi and attended workshops with James Higgins, Desiree Rumba and Mari Kennedy.

I believe Yoga is multi dimensional and has something to offer everybody at any stage in our lives.

Whether you practice yoga for strength and flexibility or for relaxation and mental space and clarity yoga creates balance and harmony in our body, mind and spirit; which helps us navigate the busy world we live in.

I teach Hatha yoga level 1-2 which is a more gentle and measured style of yoga with the main emphasis on correct alignment and integrated breath co-ordination.

I aim to give students a fundamental understanding of how poses work and feel while encouraging them to explore and challenge their limits in a nurturing, safe, and fun and environment. But most of all I hope through teaching Yoga to share all I have learned and the gift that is Yoga with everyone.

Classes start and end with a short period of relaxation.

Come for your body, stay for your mind…