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Dervila O'Sullivan

I found Yoga in 2017 as a way to heal and connect more positively with my body and mind after years of feeling emotionally drained and disconnected. I had always envisioned Yoga to be inaccessible to me. I imagined I had to be extremely flexible and move like models on Instagram in breathtaking Asanas. However when I went to my first class it was such an amazing experience and so different from what I had expected.

My first ever Yoga class was a gentle class with Rachel Lee here in the Novara Centre. My love of Yoga was born that evening. The moment I walked into the room, Rachel’s warmth and kind manner of teaching made me feel completely relaxed. The profound effect it had on me was indescribable. From that first class, it brought the desire to give that feeling of complete peace within oneself and happiness in her body to others. As I walked home that evening I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher myself. I knew that I wanted to give that wonderful gift that I had received to others. Rachel has been an inspiration to learn from. I was absolutely hooked. Having always had a love of mythology and spirituality, Yoga also offered me the chance to bring the more hidden parts of myself out into my everyday life. I have had a love of meditation and mindfulness since childhood, but it was the discovery of Pranayama that brought an instant love of Yoga. After years of anxiety around poor breathing techniques I discovered the power of breathwork in supporting the body and mind. Along the way I received deep personal healing which unfolded from slowing down and listening to my body.

While looking around for more classes to fill the days when I didn’t attend Rachel’s classes, I found Alice Vignoles classes. Alice’s teaching has been invaluable both on and off the mat. My confidence in my practice and within myself has continued to grow with her guidance. Through her encouragement and advice, she pointed me in the direction of Yoga Therapy Ireland. I signed up for the Foundation Course as the Teacher Training for that year had already started.

I remember walking underneath the archway at Marino and feeling an immense sense of belonging.
The tutors and other students were so welcoming. We learned so many valuable tools on the course, and so much about ourselves. I will always treasure the time spent on the Foundation Course, as it allowed me to peel back the layers of myself I had hidden away for so long and truly embrace myself fully, just as I am. The time cemented my dedication that this was the path I was meant to follow.

I continued on to complete my 500hours training with Yoga Therapy Ireland under the wonderful guidance of Marie Lennon and Elaine Parker. The course was so magical, our tutors gave us such an inclusive and warm atmosphere for learning. They instilled in us a confidence that allowed us to fully absorb the knowledge we received and to implement it in our practice and in our daily lives. Each month was more enjoyable than the last.

I have loved transitioning from attending classes as a student to teaching Yoga classes of my own. My passion for learning has continued, since then I have completed several different trainings including Yoga for Children, cacao circles, sound healing and Rahanni among others. I feel I will always be studying and training in one course or another. I love to teach my Yoga classes and regularly host soundbaths and one to one healing sessions.

I teach in a gentle way that encourages students to experience each time they practice with kindness and love for their bodies. To not place pressure or expectations on themselves to be as strong or flexible as previous classes. I guide my students to meet themselves with where they are in their energy at that moment, to enjoy and experience how the Asana feels in their body that day.
I feel that the moment I began my Yoga journey and signed up for that first class was one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life.

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