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Jean Browne

Jean Browne, Chartered Psychologist C.Psychol. Ps.SI

Jean has enjoyed working as a psychologist supporting children and their families with a wide range of
needs since she qualified as an Educational Psychologist in 1996 at UCD. Initially working at
the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, she then worked in a family centred service with Enable Ireland for
over 20 years on a school aged multi-disciplinary team. As senior psychologist she provided assessment
and supports for children with physical and neurological disabilities, general learning disabilities, autism
spectrum disorder and developmental co-ordination disorder (dyspraxia). She has also provided
assessments for children and adults privately in that time.

Jean’s experience has included supporting children to develop skills in resilience and coping with anxiety
with the Friends for Life programme and in providing parent and teacher training and support. She was
invited to give an annual course input to trainee educational psychologists in UCD in understanding
Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD). She values learning from adults about their lived
experience with disabilities in advocating for inclusion and took part in an IADT programme for
adolescents promoting participation for those with disabilities in third-level education.

Additional training completed over the years included a Certificate in Child and Adolescent
Psychotherapy, course modules in neuropsychology and training on the benefits of Assistive
Technology in education. These have added to her understanding in providing recommendations on
assessment and in considering the timing that is most helpful to clarify a diagnosis.

Jean has a particular interest in supporting children and their families through important milestones in
their lives. With clinical and educational supports now based on need rather than disability or diagnosis,
parents often seek assessments when a decision needs to be made at life and school transitions, for
school placement, transition to post-primary or on leaving school. Assessment can provide a road-map
to inform interventions and offer a new perspective to thrive in home, school and work
environments. Jean has seen how the hope for challenges to be validated can persist, and regardless of
age, great relief can be found in having a diagnosis confirmed.

At the Novara Centre Jean provides an assessment service for general and specific learning difficulties,
including dyslexia, dyscalculia, and to confirm dyspraxia. Where concerns emerge in other areas, she
can provide guidance on further assessment.

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