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Mary Dowling

I originally started practicing yoga over 10 years ago as a form of exercise. Running and working-out in the gym was getting a bit monotonous, and the music was very loud too! When I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and with osteopenia, my consultant recommended that I focus on my yoga practice. With the help of inspiring teachers I worked through different poses at my own pace, and was pleasantly surprised that yoga isn’t all about headstands and backbends!

Over the years I have combined my yoga studies with a number of meditation and mindfulness courses, and I particularly enjoy retreats taking place in silence. With a tiring commute in and out to Dublin city centre every day, the stress of a busy job, and juggling a number of commitments I found that the precious time on my yoga mat was a chance to feel grounded and balanced, and to let go of the constant chatter in my mind.

I am interested in the restorative benefits of yoga and meditation during perimenopause and menopause. I teach poses that help with many of the symptoms which can be felt during this challenging time. I also enjoy the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi. My teacher lives in Greystones and together we lead a monthly outdoor Qi Gong session in the roof top garden of the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle.

I love to practice physical yoga asanas, pranayama breathing and relaxation in the company of others, and enjoy the positive energy that is created. I believe that we all need some time-out for ourselves, a chance to listen and give our bodies what they need.
Yoga is suitable for all ages, body types and abilities. It can energise and build strength; unravel knots and increase flexibility. But most importantly it’s fun! It’s a gift to ourselves, making us feel good from the inside out.

I did my Classical Hatha Yoga training with Samadhi Yoga Dublin, and qualified as a yoga teacher in summer 2017. I am now undertaking a course with The Elbow Room to teach yoga to children. In my spare time I like to make pieces of art, and as a qualified art historian I give guided tours to children, teens and adults at the National Gallery of Ireland. I also love to travel and to spend time walking amongst trees and by the sea.

I have been living in Bray since 2000 and have recently moved from a full time job to a part time one so that I can follow my passion. I look forward to welcoming you to one of my classes and to sharing the yoga journey with you. Namaste ☺