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Seamus Connolly

I am 51 years of age this year living a life full of challenges, wonderful people and experiences, with the stresses also of too little time and other stresses in common with many people today. I know that this is my life.

I know that I am in charge of how I experience it, both the good and not so good bits. This knowing is the single most powerful tool I have to keep me as healthy as possible in mind and body.

I did not always have that ability and that period of my life was painful, energy sapping, confused, powerless, worthless, and at times hopeless.

My work was not working, my relationships were not working, I had forgotten who I was and who I could be. I did not feel I belonged in the world as I saw it.

Mindfulness, trusting my inherent knowing of myself, compassion, allowing as much of myself as I could, and letting change happen in its own way and time are the tools that invited, nourished and sustained the change into a vibrant, more fulfilled, free and contented life. My life belongs to me now, response-ability is a liberation, I am more free to chose.

My work is about helping people to accept all they find in themselves, to study and to embrace the parts of themselves that may be making life painful, sad, lonely, or whatever, and, thereby, to find for themselves what can be released in them to live the life they want
to live.

The Hakomi method, explained in more detail elsewhere on the site, trusts the inherent ability for self knowledge and self-healing in everyone and works with the understanding and techniques to promote that.

I have been doing this work with women and men in nearly equal numbers and from all walks of life since 1994.